Home Based Business Review – Click Bank Versus Money on a Plate – Business Review Article

Click Bank Cons
The first draw back would be that you only keep up to 75% of the sale, so a vendor is taking money off the back of your work. You cannot edit the “pitch page” also known as a sales or landing page, this means if the page has a bad conversion rate, you cannot amend or experiment with it. Also because you can not edit landing page that means you cannot put in your name, or personalise it to begin building your credibility in a specific field. There is no community feel about the website, and further more no guidance on how to market, so you are on your own. (Not good if you are a complete newbie.) Any email the signs ups a vendor gets, is stored in there database, so there is no opportunity to start building your own list, and if a vendor makes a “back end sale” using the email you will not be credited for this. Click Bank does not have a referral system in place.Click Bank Pros
Click Bank has been established for x years now and offers a fantastic range of digital products for affiliates to market, 10,000 + . A digital product is something that upon purchasing your customer can download instantly, for example; eBooks, software etc.. As a click bank affiliate you would search through digital products until you find something you want to market. You would then create a “hop link” which is a url with your Click Bank “nick name” embedded and market. On making a sale the affiliate keeps up to 75% of the purchase amount. The money is paid into your Click Bank account, and when you make $100 you can release. The big benefits with this is you don not have to set up your own website, or design/buy your own products to resell. This really is a great place to get started. Click Bank is simple to use, and you can begin marketing instantly. (if you know how)Money On A Plate Pros
Money On A Plate is the new kid on the block and is 100% unique in what it offers affiliates. Firstly I will start by telling you this website boasts an inventory of 200,000+ digital products. As a Money On A Plate affiliate you would search through digital products until you find something you want to market, you would then add this to your “My eSales” and in turn you would receive a unique url with your affiliate I.D. for that product. On making a sale the affiliate keeps 100% of the purchase amount, the “purchase” button is linked straight to the affiliates PayPal account. There are ready made landing pages for products, however the affiliate does have the ability to edit these pages, and even set the selling price. Money On A Plate also provides the affiliate with vast resources and tutorials for marketing. For example; pre written content, links for free sites the affiliate can generate traffic from and videos on how to use these sites, etc.. Money On A Plate also allows the affiliate to insert an email form into landing pages, so the affiliate can build there own email list and even set up auto emails within the site to them. On top of all that there is a much more personal and community feel about this website with one to one support, live chat, forums, creating profiles and marketers chatting and helping one another. Money On A Plate also offers members the chance to build a residual income by referring new members.Money On A Plate Cons
As this website does not have vendors to upload the products they do it themselves. This means there full inventory has not (or at least was not at the time I wrote this) yet been uploaded. They upload products for affiliates upon request. This website is all new, introducing new software and features for the affiliate that have not been seen before. As a result the website itself is new and only launched officially in June 2009. I found the website a bit daunting at first, simply because there is so much on offer. However I would note after feeling my way around and getting some support from “The Team”, I quickly became comfortable using different functions/features within the website.Conclusion
I tried my best to keep this a completely unbiased article review but found it hard as Money On A Plate offers so much more. So I would have to say If you are looking to work from home both these websites are worth checking out and have a lot to offer. However my personal preference would be Money On A Plate, as they offered so much more and were there to guide/help me when I got stuck.

Cruise To Cash – Business Review – Business Review Article

Are you curious about the company Cruise To Cash and wondering if it is a legitimate opportunity or not? This article will present you with an unbiased view of the program.The CompanyThe travel industry is a 7 billion dollar per year industry. Global Abundance Programs (G.A.P.) is the latest company to try to earn a piece of those profits. They launched Cruise To Cash in October 2007 hoping to do just that.Cost To JoinThere are two levels that you can join at to become a Cruise To Cash member.* Weekender Package – $477* Cruiser Package – $977The Weekender Package includes unlimited weekend getaways to several destinations. These getaways are generally for 3 days and 2 nights.The Cruiser Package includes all of the Weekender Package, plus you get unlimited access to vacations like an 8 day, 7 night condo stay at over 700 locations worldwide.The other costs involved with the packages are room tax and an activation fee or “redemption fee” that usually is around $50 per stay.Compensation PlanWhat everyone really wants to know no matter what program they join is how the compensation plan works. When it comes right down to it, the products in a program need to be good and have value, but what you really want is to be able to make some real money.So how does the comp plan work? Cruise To Cash is actually a modified 2up plan. You earn split commissions of $238.50 or $488.50 from your 1st two package sales and $238.50 or $488.50 from the 1st two package sales made by your personally sponsored member. Your 3rd sale on pays you the full commissions of $477 or $977.In order to stay active with the program, Cruise To Cash members must pay a monthly fee of either $39.95 or $59.95 depending on which package they come in at. The sponsor earns $10 or $20 of that based on which program the member joins at, with the rest going to the company.ConclusionWhile Cruise To Cash is not a scam, it does have a flawed compensation plan. With a 2up comp plan, when the member becomes fully qualified their sponsor no longer earns any money from that member. That presents a great challenge as the sponsor no longer has any reason to train and assist their member in making sales. This forms a lack of team synergy and cohesiveness.